Now I Have Friends

As the school year starts, most children are focused on seeing their friends and getting good grades, but Sarah is more concerned with not eating alone during lunch and having a friend.

Sarah is a scared little ten-year-old who clings to her mom. She has no friends and does not socialize with kids her age. At school, she sits quietly in the corner, invisible to her classmates. Sarah’s mom desperately wants her to come out of her shell and make friends. Mom wants her little girl to enjoy playing and laughing with other kids.

Mom’s search to help Sarah brought her to Desert Sounds’ mariachi program.

Sarah cried and begged her mom not to make her go to class. During her first class, she cried, scared of her new surroundings. The next week, Sarah’s mom brought her back despite Sarah pleading, “Please, mom, don’t make me go.” Believing mariachi was the key to help the young girl she loved so much open up; mom insisted she go to class.

As time passed, Sarah changed. Playing her trumpet brought out the best– Now you see a smiling happy Sarah stepping up as the leader of her mariachi ensemble. Mom is happy. Dad is elated. Both her parents believe, “Because of mariachi, things are better at school. Sarah has friends. She is happy.”