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Strings for Little Fingers

Young children love to make music.  Strings for Little Fingers teaches young children how to play the violin.

Based on the Suzuki method, parents and children learn together. During the week, the parent helps the child by practicing with them. The tirade of the parent, child, and teacher allows young children to learn in a fun and supportive environment.

Little sounds with a lifelong impact.  

Strings for Little Fingers helps young children get a safe and fun introduction to music, alongside the ability to learn language and cooperation with others. 

Start learning music in a highly supportive environment.  

Strings for Little Fingers helps young children get a safe and fun introduction to musical education.  The focus isn’t on playing every note perfectly but immersing kids in musical environments where they develop the ability to listen, cooperate with others, and practice courage and moral character. 

Why You’ll Love this Program

  • We meet once per week for a 30-minute class. 
  • We emphasize small class sizes of 4-5, so your child gets a balance of individual attention and the chance to play with others.  
  • In addition to music, we help with language and cooperation skills. For many of our students, this is their first-class taught in English. 
  • We encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s learning. We’ll set you up with resources to help your child practice and enjoy music at home. 
  • We also hold public performances where little musicians can put on their first show in front of a live and supportive audience.

Introduce your child to music.

The earlier kids start playing music, the faster they develop their confidence, character, and language skills. Please fill out the form below to receive registration information or book a tour of our facility and classrooms. 

For more information, call 480-304-4762.

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