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Our Programs

Desert Sounds offers four different music programs for children. You can find more information about each program below.

The Jeremy project lends music instruments to kids in arizona

Jeremy Project

Desert Sounds developed The Jeremy Project to assist underserved children access band and orchestra by lending them  an instrument that will follow them throughout elementary and high school. Our premise is the use of an instrument is not an entitlement but earned through hard work, achieving goals and fulfilling basic requirements. We are helping to instill responsibility with the care of an instrument and commitment through practice and attendance.

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Strings for Little Fingers

Whether it is hitting a pot with a wooden spoon or singing children love to make music.  The Strings for Little Fingers program teaches young children music in a fun environment. At a young age they are learning music is fun.  Each music class is a special time as parents and children learn together. They look so cute on stage and are just as much at home performing for an audience as they are playing with their toys.

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desert sounds mariachi sones del desieron Arizona

Mariachi Sones del Desierto

Mariachi Sones del Desierto  is a multi-level program comprised of a diverse group of students in grades k-12 learning traditional Mariachi music on authentic instruments, in a fun and supportive environment.   This wonderful cultural-musical exchange brings students together as they perform and delight audiences throughout the valley.

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Musical Mentors

As the year progresses, band/orchestra directors encounter students whose interest and potential would greatly benefit from studio time. To encourage participation and success, we developed the Musical Mentors program. Musicians who wish to “give back” and inspire students to continue learning, are matched up with recommended students. Along with the musical experience, Desert Sounds’ students receive a valuable opportunity to interact with positive role models.

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