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Give the gift of music and education. It lasts a lifetime.

While a final performance only lasts for a moment.

                  The feeling of accomplishment lasts forever.

Help keep Affordable music programs in Mesa, Chandler, and the East Valley. 

Our programs can only exist with the support of our community. 

The instruments, office supplies, and staff we need aren’t possible without our community support. The generous gifts of those who attended our performances, experienced our classes or saw us around town give children the opportunity to become more confident, collaborative, and empathetic community leaders. 

Every gift makes a tangible impact within our small and growing organization. We keep program fees low so more people can access high-quality musical education – however, we have a classroom space operating full time. Here’s the impact your gifts can make: 

  • $20
    • Covers the cost of new reeds, guitar picks, and other accessories
    • Helps us keep cleaning supplies stocked
  • $50
    • Covers one of our monthly utility bills (electric, internet, water)
    • Covers minor instrument repair.
  • $100
    • Covers our website hosting fees for the entire year
    • Covers cleaning supplies and musical accessories on an ongoing basis
  • $250
    • Allows up to 3 children access to musical instruments for the entire year
    • Can be used to buy gently used instruments 
  • $500
    • Provides one child with access to group programming for a whole year
    • Covers the instructor wages for four months of programming
  • $1000
    • Provides one child with access to musical mentoring for a whole year
    • Purchases a new instrument we can add to The Jeremy Project

Of course, these are only some of what donations provide. We started from one child paying for reeds, so any donation can crescendo into a broad impact across our organization. 


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