(480) 304-4762 [email protected] 20 W 1st St #108, Mesa, AZ 85201

In-Kind Giving

We’re always looking for donated items to help build our space and provide kids with the equipment and instruments they need. Chances are you might have some items lying around your house that we could use.

Program Supplies:

Gently used band and orchestral instruments


Valve oil

Cork grease

Clarinet Reeds

Alto Saxophone Reeds

Music Stands

Guitar Stools

General Needs:

Sanitizing wipes

Plastic wastepaper can liners


Paper towels

Dry erase markers


Hand wipes

Office Supplies:

Post-it Notes

White copy paper


Binder clips


Address labels

Silver Sharpies

Got something to give? Let us know! 

Even if it’s not on the list, anything music or office-related is probably something we could use! 

For more information about making an in-kind donation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 480-304-4762.

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