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We teach our students that any effort makes an impact.

As a non-profit and community-focused organization, we don’t operate without community support. Our belief is no one should be judged by their economic status or background, but how they show up. Even if you don’t have the means to donate, there are other ways to get involved and support our community. 


A donation as seemingly small as $20 can make a real impact on a child’s life. That’s a new set of reeds, that’s a new pack of guitar strings, all of which are crucial for the music to happen.  When Jeremy started this organization, his first act of kindness was providing reeds for his friend – it wasn’t much, but it grew and grew into a much bigger impact. The more Jeremy’s we have in this community, the more it can thrive. 

Learn how your donation makes an impact.

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In-Kind Donations 

We’re always looking for donated items to help build our space and provide kids with the equipment and instruments they need. Chances are you might have some things lying around your house that we could use.

Find out what is on our Wish List.


With the help of volunteers, we’ve saved over $86,000 in annual costs for our organization. Everyone who cleans an instrument, leads a marketing effort, or supports us at our events is instrumental in getting children the spaces they need to learn and perform music. 

We’re constantly on the lookout for new volunteers if you’re interested in working in the local arts community and with children. Desert Sounds is your perfect fit!

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