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What Educators Are Saying

“Our kids had a wonderful year in band, and we could not have done it without Desert Sounds. Your organization helped over 10 kids have an instrument to use in our bands this year. These kids performed very well, and are excited to have had the chance to have music in their lives.”– Angela Mantie.

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Musical Mentors

“My name is Jonathan I have the pleasure to participate in the Jeremy Project and I am thankful to have the enjoyment to use one of your instruments. The main purpose of this letter is to notify that I want some private lessons, from Desert Sounds. I have multiple reasons why I want to have private lessons. One reason, I desire private lessons, is because I want to get better on how to play my instrument, the clarinet…”

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Strings for Little Fingers

Young children love to make music.  Strings for Little Fingers teaches children ages 3 and older how to play the violin.

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Mariachi Sones del Desierto

Mariachi Sones del Desierto is a multi-tier year round youth mariachi program for children in grades k-12. This wonderful cultural-musical exchange brings children together in a fun and supportive environment as they learn to play and appreciate traditional mariachi music.

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Children Music Arizona

All children deserve a lifetime filled with the gift of music and the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. To help make this possible, we lend instruments, provide music lessons, mentoring, mariachi education, and performance opportunities. Learn more   “Desert Sounds is a wonderful resource for my instrumental music program…  While I do have some school instruments to lend, I routinely find that I alone cannot meet the demand.  Enter Desert Sounds.  This service is allowing my students the opportunity to study music in a way that otherwise would have been unavailable to them…  That such an organization as Desert Sounds exists at all is amazing to me, but for my students and me we are very glad that it does.  Desert Sounds is making a difference.  Thank you!” Michael Veech, PhD, Music Specialist

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