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We Make Music Accessible to Everyone.

Everyone, regardless of background, should have the ability to learn and play music. Music brings countless benefits to individuals who play and communities who listen.

At Desert Sounds, we recognize finance is the biggest barrier parents and children in Arizona face in accessing music education. And we don’t want that to be true anymore. Desert Sounds began from one child’s generosity. Following his lead, we’ve helped hundreds of kids access instruments and programming who would have otherwise not had the opportunity.

We don’t just teach kids how to play music. Our programs encourage kids to come together to have a say in their education. Together we solve problems, learn to work with others of diverse backgrounds, and share a common goal of sounding better than we did the day before.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Honesty and Transparency – To overcome challenges, you first need to be honest with yourself and those around you about how you’re feeling. Be honest about the challenges you’re facing, the obstacles in your way, and how you are feeling.
  • We Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover – Regardless of age, race, gender, or economic background, we believe you should judge people based on their actions and not how they appear.
  • Commitment – All of our programs encourage children to put in the work. Learning music isn’t easy. Neither is life. By putting in the time and effort, you can expect to see improvement in your playing and your ability to practice self-discipline, overcome challenges, and work with others.
  • Empathy – Working with others means you’ll need to look at things from a new perspective—the people around you.

Our Expectations

Parents, students, and instructors need to come together in harmony to provide the best education possible.

For Students For Parents
  • Practice your instrument at least 25 minutes per day/five times a week.
  • Attend school.
  • Attend and participate in all rehearsals.
  • Do your homework.
  • Show our guiding principles to other students in your program.
  • Maintain and respect your instruments according to our instructions.
  • Return instruments in the same condition you received them.
  • Support your child by getting them to class on time.
  • Encourage weekly practice and musical exploration.
  • Actively participate in your child’s education by checking homework.
  • Show our guiding principles to other parents and families.
  • Help your child maintain and care for their instrument.
  • Participate in your child’s education by watching performances and encouraging further musical exploration.

Musical Programs for Individuals

The Jeremy Project – We help students obtain affordable access to musical instruments for use in their school bands, orchestra, lessons, or our programs. For a small monthly fee, students can easily access instruments alleviating the financial burden of music so kids can focus on learning and having fun.

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Musical Mentors – One-on-one weekly lessons for students to learn at their own pace with an instructor to learn music and talk about life.

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Musical Programs in Groups

Mariachi Sones del Desierto – We’re known for our Mariachi Ensembles which have performed all over the valley. Mariachi has strong cultural roots in storytelling and Mexican history and is a great way for children of all backgrounds to immerse themselves in an interactive learning experience.

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Electrifying Sounds – Sometimes, the easiest way to get kids to play music is to get them to play the music they love most. With charts and selections pulled from the pop charts, kids will learn the basics of music while having fun with modern and contemporary performances.

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Strings for Little Fingers – Studies show that the earlier kids start learning music, the better they’ll learn a language, math, and other important life skills. Set up your small one for success with fun music education tailored to younger players.

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All of these programs only exist because of our Volunteers and Donors. Support music in your community!

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